Communication Is The Outer World's Intersection With The Inner World



Principal Members:

Joe Clark, founder and director, composer/performer, Bb and Eb soprano saxophones, piano, electronic keyboards (RMI), percussion, 1970-1983

Rusty Clark, composer/performer, viola, acoustic guitar, recorder, percussion, 1973-1983

Michael Smith, composer/performer, trap drums, kalimba, steel drum, percussion, body percussion, 1973-1983

Wall Matthews, composer/performer, acoustic and electric guitar, piano, electronic keyboards (RMI), percussion 1970-1983

Terry Plumeri, composer/acoustic and electric bass, 1974 and 1976

David Smith, poet and spoken word artist, 1970

Don Fitch, drums and percussion, 1976

Eugene Mauro, marimba and percussion, 1977-1983

Jay Clayton, voice, 1976

Jim Wassic, congas/ percussion, 1970

Louise Brown, keyboards and vocals, 1970

Orin Smith, guitarist/composer, 1970 and 1979

Pete Dockendorf, engineer (“The Neptune Collection”)

Rob Windsor, drums, 1970

Rodney K, bassist, 1970



Andrew Krichels 1972-73

Ara Fitzgerald, 1974-1979

Carol Mowry, 1972-73

Cheryl Yonker

Deborah Phillips, 1972-73

Jody Heineman, 1972-73

John Raimondi, Sculptor

Laurie Cameron 1976-1978

Marsha White, 1974

Margaret (“Margie”) Beals, 1974

Michael Utoff/Hartford Ballet, 1973

Murray Louis 1976

The Royal Danish Ballet, 1976

Wendy Goldman 1976-1978

Martha Moore-1976-1979

Cindy Beres 1976



Al Manger, engineer (“Entourage” and “Cleopatra”)

Art Peyton/ The Bluesette,Baltimore, MD

Bennett College, Millbrook, NY

Bob Brown

Bruce Tepper, photographer

Connecticut College, New London, CT

Dr. Daniel Pai

Doug Clark, engineer, The Gallery , Hartford, CT

Elena Jones, poet

Flite Three Studios, Baltimore, MD

Gene Bunge/Nebraska ETV

Good Vibrations Studios, New York, NY

Gudrun, artist, cover and insert, (1st album, 1973)

Irene Trudel/ WFMU

Karen Lewis, photographer

Lana Anguin, photography (1st album, 1973)

Les Ditson, costume designer

Nancy Schaff, poetry (1st album, 1973)

Martha Myers, Chair Dance Department, Connecticut College

Phil Arnoult/The Baltimore Theater Project

Phil Trupp

Priscilla Ravizza, photographer

Track Recorders Inc., Silver Spring, MD

Sandy Trupp

Scott Johnson, producer





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